State Trooper Shoots Out His Own Windshield In Attempt To Stop Facebook Live Killer

(CNN) – Police across Oklahoma searched high and low last week for suspected killer Michael Vance, accused of shooting and wounding two police officers and killing two of his relatives.

Officers cornered, shot and killed their man on Sunday, with much of the drama seen and heard in a dramatic police dashcam video.

The loud steady pop of firearms ringing out along a rural road. A white-knuckle and dogged pursuit of the state’s most notorious fugitive. The state troopers and Vance trading fire. A dangerous hunt in a dark, eerie and desolate stretch.

The drama ended a week after a rampage started, a crime spree marked by spurts of shootings, stabbings and carjackings that mobilized police of all levels and put a state on edge.

On Tuesday, police from federal, state, county and local agencies gathered at a press conference to punctuate the pride in their work and cooperation, and display the visual coup de grace to news reporters.

“Michael Vance was our worst-case scenario,” said Michael C. Thompson, commissioner of the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. “It took all of us working together to bring this rampage to an end.”

Dewey County Sheriff Clay Sander came across Vance around 9:47 p.m. He had been driving a pickup truck dragging a tow chain. Sander stopped him because he was concerned about sparks possibly causing a grass fire.

Vance shot the sheriff, and Sander was able to call in a description of the truck and get assistance, Adams said.

A helicopter caught sight of Vance’s vehicle and a roadblock was set up. Vance barreled through the roadblock and came to a stop, trading fire with three troopers, as seen in a helicopter video.

Troopers pursued him and gunfire was hot and heavy for a time. The dashcam showed the view ahead and the troopers armed with an AR-15-type weapons.

Five troopers engaged Vance after he stopped his truck and used it as cover. Wielding an AK-47, he emptied two 30-round magazines, officials said.

“Vance was a determined, violent criminal with no regard for public safety or human life. He had nothing to lose,” Thompson said. “He could have ended this at any time, peacefully, and he chose not to.”

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