Snakes are Hunting in Packs Now. Time to Find a New Planet.

(YouTube) – A real life horror film: Terrified viewers watch from the edge of their seats as SNAKES hunting as a PACK chase down a baby iguana in amazing footage for BBC’s Planet Earth II that ‘even shocked Sir David Attenborough’

Astonishing TV showed marine iguanas attempting to outrun racer snakes.

Footage on Fernandina Island was labelled ‘the stuff of nightmares’ by viewers as hatchlings could be seen emerging from the sand of the Galápagos island.

The crew was said to have been too shocked to film when they first saw the snakes.

If you aren’t watching Planet Earth II, or if you haven’t seen the original Planet Earth, you are seriously missing out.

Not only do you get to see some of the best filmed, most intimate looks at nature you’ll ever find. You get to see things you can’t see anywhere else, like what happens when a penguin comes home to find his lady penguin wife “nesting” with another penguin.

You can’t write this stuff.

Hands down the best show on television ever.

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