Anti-Trump Protesters Accidentally March into Marine Corps Pub Crawl and Things Escalated Quickly

TAMPA, Fla. – A peaceful protest on the streets of Ybor City nearly turned into a street brawl if it wasn’t for the hard work of Tampa Police officers jumping in and quickly diffusing the situation.

Around 7:30 p.m., Thursday protesters began walking down East 8th Avenue chanting against President-elect Donald Trump. Their route took them past a lot of bars and restaurants but once they got to an Irish Pub that was one of the stops for a pub crawl that a lot of Marine Corp. members were a part of, things got dicey.

Anti- Trump protesters chanted “dump Trump” as people in the bar cheered “U.S.A” over and over. After some tense minutes the protesters kept on with their march the Trump supporters yelled “you walked into the wrong bar!” Continue Reading

Well what do you expect when a group of anti-American protestors clash with a group of patriots?

Too bad the cops intervened.

It would have been good for these children to be set straight by true Americans.


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