Why Your Bumper Stickers Could Be A Danger To You And Your Family

We’ve all seen them while driving. The cute little stick family, the “My Child Is An Honor Student”, or the ever present “Glock” sticker.

It’s fun to show off how proud you are of your kids or your personal political views, but you could be providing sensitive information to people that would wish to do harm to you and your family.

Some bumper stickers not only share detailed information about your family or children’s names, they can also be a billboard for would-be thieves of the contents of your vehicle.

For example, imagine you’re a car-hopping thief looking for an easy score. After patrolling a parking lot, which car would you most likely try to break into. A car that you have no idea what might be inside, or one with a Glock sticker on it? Common sense would say that the car with the Glock sticker has a higher likely hood of containing some sort of firearm. An item that is particularly valuable in the crime world.

Now while you might still want to let the world know you are a gun-toting American, broadcasting your gun ownership to the world is probably not the best idea. Common sense can not only protect you and your family, it can also prevent property damage and a keep your conscience clear knowing your gun isn’t out on the streets being used in a crime,
I don’t have any specific statistics available to prove my point, but after years of using a large parking deck and seeing the same few cars being broken into on a regular basis, it’s not hard to connect the dots. The cars that were broken into most often had either a gun manufacturer bumper sticker, or something along the lines of “This Chick Is Packing”. Needless to say, they eventually scraped the dang stickers off- and magically their cars were left alone.

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