“TASE HIS A – -” Judge Takes Off His Robe And Helps Take Down Unruly Defendant

A Michigan judge who was captured on courtroom surveillance footage throwing off his robe and helping restrain a defiant defendant during a hearing says he was concerned about the safety of the man and a court officer.

The incident involving Jackson County Circuit Court Judge John McBain took place last December during a hearing about a personal protection order violation, however the footage was released this week.

McBain had just ordered the man to jail, but the man resisted efforts by the officer to handcuff him and a fight ensued. That’s when McBain sprung into action.

‘Tase his a– right now,’ the judge shouted as he rushed toward the man, Jacob Larson.

Larson was being held on stalking charges, however he told McBain the problem was not him but the woman he was pursuing.

He was a high school classmate of the victim and sent her 22 Facebook messages after McBain signed the order in August 2015 and before the December hearing.

McBain noted that he ‘pretty clearly and unequivocally’ warned Larson to avoid contact with the woman.

‘She’s instigating it,’ Larson replied, MLive reported.

McBain had ordered Larson to spend three days in jail, however increased the sentenced to 93 days as the hearing went on and Larson’s behavior worsened.

McBain told the Jackson Citizen Patriot that the man was ‘totally disturbing the decorum of the court.’ And so he got out of his seat, threw off his robe, and went over to help.

There were no other officers or any sheriff’s deputies in the courtroom, and McBain said he was worried Larson would overpower the officer restraining him.

‘There is one thing I don’t tolerate is disruptions in my courtroom,’ McBain said.

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