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Sunbathers in Cadiz, Spain, recorded the shocking moment a boat filled with migrant men landed on a beach filled with women, children, and families in broad daylight

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The release of an estimated 40,000 mink is now being called an incident of “domestic terrorism” by the Stearns County Sheriff.

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Amazing video shows a dog saving a baby deer who was struggling to swim ashore.

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Dramatic video shows a broad-daylight shootout between cops and an armed robbery suspect in Baltimore — whose life ended in a hail of bullets Wednesday after he got off a bus and started blasting at officers.

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A man has been shot and injured after attacking a police officer with a hammer at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.

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A disgruntled former employee shot and killed five people at an Orlando, Florida, business Monday morning before turning the gun on himself, police said.

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The Department of Defense announced today the death of six Soldiers who were supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

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A couple got a “Mc-nificent” catch when they reeled in a record-breaking bass last month at a Texas lake by using a McDonald’s chicken McNugget as their bait.

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Two bounty hunters and the fugitive from Minnesota they were tracking shot each other dead in a hail of bullets at a Texas car dealership in front of panicked customers, officials said Wednesday.

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A Navy SEAL who fell to his death when his parachute failed to open during a Fleet Week demonstration over the Hudson River has been identified as a 27-year-old Colorado man.

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